AgReliant is the 3rd largest seed corn company in the United States.

Wensman is proud to be part of the AgReliant Genetics organization.

  • The largest independent seed corn company in the U.S.
  • AgReliant's parents are the #1 and #2 independent seed companies in the world.
  • AgReliant is the only non-chemical company in the U.S. top five – seed is our only business.
  • AgReliant is one of only five companies with significant breeding programs.

Who is AgReliant Genetics

  • Global Resources - AgReliant Genetics was formed in 2000 to serve the North American market by KWS of Germany and Groupe Limagrain of France.
  • Strong Foundation - KWS and Groupe Limagrain are the two largest independent seed companies in the world with over 200 years of combined seed experience.
  • Independent - Headquartered in Westfield, Indiana, AgReliant Genetics is an independent "seed only" company. This allows AgReliant Genetics maximum flexibility in germplasm and trait technology.

AgReliant has one of the largest corn breeding programs in the seed industry

AgReliant Genetics' corn breeding operation ranks among the best in the industry and is recognized worldwide for its proprietary “di-haploid” or double haploid breeding process. Di-haploid greatly reduces the normal breeding/testing cycle allowing products to be brought to market faster than any conventional program.

Quality Assurance Lab

  • One of the largest QA laboratories in the U.S.
  • 33 different quality tests
  • 190,000 tests and analyses run annually
  • Comparison Testing with Other Labs in the Industry
  • Registered Seed Technologists
  • Registered Genetic Technologist
  • U.S. and Canada Seed Grader
  • U.S. Accredited Seed Lab through the United States Department of Agriculture Process Verified Program

Minnesota Corn Breeding and Research Locations

West Central Minnesota Station

Breeder and Station Manager Mike Buendgen works with hybrids 95-day and earlier. With emphasis on these earlier maturities, Buendgen is striving to improve products to meet the needs of growers who plant those hybrids.

Mike Buendgen
Breeder / Station Manager - West Central, MN
AgReliant Genetics

Southeast Minnesota Station

Breeder and Station Manager Keith Williams concentrates on new corn products in the 96-day to 100-day maturity category. In addition to the station nursery, Williams has research plots throughout southern Minnesota, as well as parts of South Dakota, Wisconsin and Iowa.

Keith Williams
Breeder / Station Manager - Southeast, MN
AgReliant Genetics