Producing Quality Seed

The Wensman corn seed you put in your planter traveled quite a journey before it got to your farm, and our team was there every step of the way.

It started out as the offspring of parent seeds that were crossed to make a hybrid. That plant was nourished throughout the growing season and protected as best we could from weeds, pests, disease and drought.

Harvested in September with a moisture content around 36% to 38%, the seed remained on the cob and in the husk for a ride to the dryer. After husking, it was dried on the cob to about 12% moisture and sent to the sheller, where the kernels were separated from the cob.

This raw seed was then cleaned by sending it through a series of screens and blasts of compressed air. Gravity tables eliminated most of the damaged and lighter weight seed.

And then it moved on to the color sorter, where dead and off-color seed is removed.

Sizing is the next step. Screens split the flats from the rounds, and the big seed from the small seed.

After sizing, it was routed to the treater for a coating that protects the seed during germination.

Once treated, the seed was packaged and stored in the warehouse before being delivered to our dealers. The soybean production process is very similar.

Our production team takes a great deal of pride in fussing over every aspect of this process. Every step is important to us because every seed is important to you.

Top quality seed is what we do. You can always trust Wensman’s highly focused commitment to seed quality.

Jon Wensman / Production Manager

Every step is important to us because every seed is important to you.

Wensman is a LEADER in Refuge Blended Hybrids - RIB

The Wadena, MN seed production plant was retrofitted with refuge blending equipment in the spring/summer of 2012. This was one of the very first RIB systems to be installed in the U.S. The fully-computerized RIB-Certified system was operational in July 2012. Since that time, the production crew has blended hundreds of thousands of RIB units.

Refuge blending involves a high level of expertise to make sure the correct refuge is mixed uniformly with the right hybrid and in the specified percentage. Genuity® SmartStax® RIB Complete® and Genuity® VT Double Pro® RIB Complete® hybrids have 5% refuge, Genuity® VT Triple Pro® RIB Complete® hybrids have 10% refuge.

Quality control and a variety of best practices ensure that the mixture inside the bag matches the tag. While being one of the first plants to go on line was impressive, the Wadena production crew knows that “doing RIB right” is so much more important. Strict protocols are followed at all stages of the process:

• Seed handling equipment is cleaned following every product run to greatly reduce the risk of contamination.
• The entire system undergoes close scrutiny and calibration on a routine basis.
• Bagged seed is tested to make sure the RIB ratio is within the very close tolerances allowed.

With Wensman RIB products, growers can expect both the primary and the refuge hybrids to produce a uniform stand. Seed quality remains a key element in our growers success. Wensman is a LEADER in refuge blended RIB products.

"With over 80% of its line-up as RIB, Wensman is a LEADER in refuge blended corn hybrids.”

The Highest Level of Seed Quality

Bigger and better yields come from Wensman's proven ability to put together the best seed components available:

• Wensman's Elite Germplasm
• The Best Trait Technologies
• Superior Seed Treatments
• The Ultimate in Seed Quality

Making a commitment to seed quality means taking the extra measures needed to achieve optimum germination rates. After all, the more seeds that grow will mean more plants per acre – and that means more yield.

Wensman seed quality starts with their experienced team of seed field managers. By raising fields of healthy plants, where pests, disease and weeds are controlled quickly, Wensman can harvest healthy seed.

At its state-of-the-art conditioning facilities, Wensman incorporates proven protocols at all phases in the seed drying, cleaning, sizing and bagging process.

At the heart of this system is the color sorter. Every kernel of corn passes through this computerized "color match" machine which increases purity and germination by rejecting off-color seed.

Wensman uses every seed quality technology available to bring you a better bag of seed.

Top Image: Wensman color sorter technology matches kernel color for optimal purity.

Bottom Image: Off-color seed rejected by the Wensman color sorter doesn't end up in your bag

Seed Production Team

Les Strommen
Field & Dryer Supervisor

Marty Irons
Inventory & Quality Coordinator

Jarrod Boldt
Inventory & Quality Assistant

Ron Lepinski
Warehouse Supervisor

Mike Howe
Conditioning Supervisor

Shawn Beversluis

Tyler Holweg

Tyler Horstmann

Cody Robinson

Tony Schlueter

Brett Sibert

Mike Snyder

Ryan Tervo