Bringing Higher Yields to Our Customers

Each year, I appreciate how personally fulfilling it is to develop the product line-up for Wensman. With every decision about each corn hybrid and each soybean variety, my goal is to bring increased yield to our customers. There will never be a “one size fits all” hybrid or variety. We have many choices that are very close to the same maturity because different genetics perform differently in varying soil types. Our line-ups are unique to the industry and across the differing geographies in our three-state area.

Throughout the year, I focus on product evaluation. One important aspect involves the product pipeline. As a prominent member of the AgReliant Genetics product team, I have access to the New Evaluation Trial (NET) program and evaluate products in our small experimental research plots and the larger strip trials. The characteristics for each product are noted in great detail and then compared to our current corn hybrids and soybean varieties. Another key step in the information gathering process is surveying what is happening on the front lines. I regularly meet with the sales team to determine what is working in their respective areas and if they have any unmet needs. And finally, my travels take me to every corn and soybean growing county in the three-state area. Making time to personally observe crops in this wide range of environments is very valuable.

All of this input helps me decide what products to advance in our system. That is why Wensman has one of the strongest product line-ups in the industry.

With my hands on approach to product evaluation and analysis, I offer a wealth of knowledge to our Territory Sales Managers. In-field and classroom training sessions are scheduled throughout the year. With every sales territory needing a unique line-up, we seriously study and will strongly recommend which package of products will be most effective in that area. Positioning two, three and possibly four corn hybrids on your farm is the key component to yield success. Wensman applies its product knowledge to your advantage!

Kyle Kepner / Product Manager

Over 500 New Evaluation Trial (NET) Plots Planted in 2013

AgReliant Genetics Has One Of The Largest Corn Breeding Programs In The Seed Industry
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Seed Treatments Maximize Genetic And Trait Performance Potential
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Insect Resistance Management
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The Largest "Seed Only" Company In The United States

Wensman Is Proud To Be Part of the AgReliant Genetics Organization.

• 3th Largest Seed Corn Company in the U.S.
• #1 Independent Seed Corn Company in the U.S.
• AgReliant's Parents are the #1 and #2 Independent Seed Companies in the World.
• AgReliant is the Only Non-Chemical Company in the U.S. Top Five –Seed Is Our Only Business.
• AgReliant is One of Only Five Companies with Significant Breeding Programs.

Who is AgReliant

Global Resources AgReliant Genetics was formed in 2000 to serve the North American market by KWS of Germany and Groupe Limagrain of France.

Strong Foundation KWS and Groupe Limagrain are the two largest independent seed companies in the world with over 200 years of combined seed experience.

Independent Headquartered in Westfield, Indiana, AgReliant Genetics is an independent "seed only" company.

AgReliant Genetics is not affiliated with a chemical company or any other ag industry entity. This allows AgReliant Genetics maximum flexibility in germplasm and trait technology.

AgReliant Genetics Has One Of The Largest Corn Breeding Programs In The
Seed Industry

AgReliant Genetics launched a significant corn breeding operation over ten years ago. This program ranks among the best in the industry and is recognized world-wide for its proprietary “di-haploid” or double haploid breeding process.

Di-haploid greatly reduces the normal breeding/testing cycle allowing products to be brought to market faster than any conventional program.

Wensman and AgReliant Are
Positioned For SUCCESS!

AgReliant Genetics Research
– By The Numbers:

AgReliant Research Stations with 11
Breeding Programs

• Over 100,000 unique inbreds tested annually
• Over 150 test plot locations
• Over 550 NET plot trials

Winter Season Research

• Argentina (2 locations)
• Peru
• Chile
• Puerto Rico

2013 Research Station Locations

AgReliant Genetics has one of the largest corn breeding programs in the industry

AgReliant Genetics operates its own Quality Assurance Laboratory in Brimfield, Illinois. Staff credentials include a Registered Seed Technologist and Registered Genetic Technologist. The lab conducts a battery of tests to insure every lot of AgReliant Genetics seed is top quality. The tests include Warm Germination, Mechanical Purity, Varietal Purity, Trait Purity and Genetic Purity. The Brimfield lab can conduct Electrophoresis tests (similar to DNA analysis) in its Genetic Purity testing. AgReliant Genetics also operates a research facility in Lebanon, Indiana which has the capability to conduct Genetic Marker testing.

Seed Treatments Maximize Genetic And Trait Performance Potential

When planting corn or soybean seed, always consider using a seed treatment. Today's modern chemistry is formulated to enhance the yield performance of every seed.

Seed treatments offer protection against the primary pests and diseases that affect germination, seedling vigor and stand count. Losing plants to pests or disease dramatically affects yield and that means less profit per acre.

Your investment in new seed treatments provides advanced protection from early season disease, insects and other adverse environmental conditions.

Ask a Wensman Territory Sales Manager for information about seed treatment options for your corn and soybean acres.

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Corn Package Options

A unit of Wensman corn is comprised of 80,000 kernels. Wensman corn can be ordered in traditional one unit (80k) paper bags or in Bulk Corn Boxes (BCB). Bulk Corn Boxes are becoming increasingly popular for a wide variety of reasons:

  • • Efficient - Saves Time and Labor
  • • Safe for Operators
  • • Integral Pallet
  • • Boxes Lock Together
  • • Easy Cleaning
  • • Total Flow Control
  • • Rodent Proof
  • • Reusable / Recyclable
  • • Unaffected by Moisture
  • • Boxes are Stackable
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