Capturing Genetic Gain For Higher Yields

As Wensman’s Product Manager, my number #1 Goal is to gain higher yields through genetic advancements in our new corn and soybean products. After all, the Wensman culture revolves around a solid lineup of high yielding products to ensure our customers have a positive brand experience. For me, it’s always about making Wensman’s product line-up even better.

Throughout the year, I drive thousands of miles evaluating products in our Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota sales area. I have access to a variety of product plots:

  • AgReliant Genetics Research Station Plots - Products several years away from being introduced commercially.
  • New Evaluation Trials - Products one year away from public sale.
  • Show Plots - Products we currently sell.

In total, these locations add up to over 300 plots. Personally observing products in this wide range of environments is very valuable. Field notes taken all season are carefully logged and then coupled with yield data to help me decide what products to advance and eventually commercialize in our system. This localized “hands on” product research is why Wensman has one of the industry’s strongest corn and soybean line-ups.

With each of our 28 sales territories being unique, I regularly consult with our Territory Sales Managers to develop a product package that we feel - with a high degree of confidence - will be the most effective in that area. Positioning two, three, and possibly four products to fit individual fields on your farm is the key component to yield success. Each year, I appreciate how personally fulfilling it is to develop the corn and soybean product line-up for Wensman!

Kyle Kepner / Product Manager

Over 550 AgReliant Genetics NET plots are planned for 2014

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Seed Treatments Maximize Genetic And Trait Performance Potential
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AgReliant Genetics

Seed Treatments Maximize Genetic And Trait Performance Potential

When planting corn or soybean seed, always consider using a seed treatment. Today's modern chemistry is formulated to enhance the yield performance of every seed.

Seed treatments offer protection against the primary pests and diseases that affect germination, seedling vigor and stand count. Losing plants to pests or disease dramatically affects yield and that means less profit per acre.

Your investment in new seed treatments provides advanced protection from early season disease, insects and other adverse environmental conditions.

Ask a Wensman Territory Sales Manager for information about seed treatment options for your corn and soybean acres.

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Corn Package Options

A unit of Wensman corn is comprised of 80,000 kernels. Wensman corn can be ordered in traditional one unit (80k) paper bags or in Bulk Corn Boxes (BCB). Bulk Corn Boxes are becoming increasingly popular for a wide variety of reasons:

  • • Efficient - Saves Time and Labor
  • • Safe for Operators
  • • Integral Pallet
  • • Easy Cleaning
  • • Total Flow Control
  • • Rodent Proof
  • • Reusable / Recyclable
  • • Unaffected by Moisture
  • • Boxes are Stackable
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