Innovative Products Drive Yield

We are proud of our corn and soybean line-up for Spring 2017. There are many new corn hybrids (13 out of 64) and many new soybean varieties (14 out of 38). Wensman has always been at the forefront with genetic improvements, acting rapidly to bring improved breeding to market.

The biggest change in either product category for 2017 is our new Roundup Ready 2 Xtend™ soybeans. Our comprehensive portfolio of 16 varieties stretches from 0.06 to 2.8 maturity. That line-up is well suited for our territory and I know many growers are anxious to start using this new system to clean up resistant weeds in their fields. The background lines bred into the new Roundup Ready 2 Xtend™ varieties are not a compromise to launch the trait. I am comfortable recommending Wensman’s Roundup Ready 2 Xtend™ Soybeans for their ability to yield.

What really amazes me for 2017 is our new precision technology platform. 2016 marked the full launch of Advantage Acre®, AgReliant Genetics’ proprietary precision farming platform. Built from the ground up, Advantage Acre® Trials (AAT) are 1,000 feet long and were first planted in 2014. Additional trials were added in 2015 and 2016. Results show distinct yield differences across the various soil types in the field in comparison to smaller, more traditional plots.

Advantage Acre® brings together three fundamental components of farming today: seed, soil and weather. The combination of our product knowledge, a unique, comprehensive understanding of soil using functional soil mapping and the utilization of an advanced, highly accurate 11-month weather forecast links both field and seed factors together for more precise seed selection and increased yield potential.

Ask your dealer or contact Wensman directly for details on these innovative “yield driving” products!

5% RIB

10% RIB

5% RIB

74 W 6050RR
76 W 80761VT2RIB
80 W 80809VT2RIB
81 W 80818VT2RIB W 6084RR
82 W 8082VT2RIB
W 80827VT2RIB
W 8083VT2RIB
84 W 8085VT2RIB
W 80841VT2RIB
85 W 60851RR
86 W 80866VT2RIB
87 W 80874VT2RIB W 40872
88 W 80880VT2RIB
89 W 80891VT2RIB
90 W 80906VT2RIB
W 80903VT2RIB
91 W 90910STXRIB W 7110VT3PRIB W 8110VT2RIB W 60911RR W 40915
92 W 80928VT2RIB
93 W 90935STXRIB W 7140VT3PRIB W 80931VT2RIB
94 W 90941STXRIB W 80947VT2RIB W 6193RR W 40944
95 W 7268VT3PRIB W 80952VT2RIB
W 8195VT2RIB
W 8184VT2RIB
W 8268VT2RIB
96 W 90962STXRIB
97 W 90979STXRIB W 80972VT2RIB
W 80978VT2RIB
W 40988
98 W 9288STXRIB W 8285VT2RIB
99 W 90994STXRIB W 7290VT3PRIB W 80993VT2RIB
W 8294VT2RIB
100 W 81007VT2RIB W 6300RR W 41009
101 W 91018STXRIB
102 W 9325STXRIB W 81028VT2RIB
104 W 81041VT2RIB
105 W 91051STXRIB W 61053RR
106 W 81063VT2RIB
107 W 91073STXRIB
108 W 6472RR
109 W 91095STXRIB W 7473VT3PRIB
110 W 81102VT2RIB
111 W 91112STXRIB

Color groups denote hybrids from the same genetic family.

Seed Treatments Maximize Genetic
And Trait Performance Potential

Acceleron® Logo image
Emerge Strong: An Advantage from Day One. All Wensman corn products are treated with Acceleron® Seed Treatment which includes Poncho® 250. Acceleron® offers protection from early-season pests, such as wireworm, seedcorn maggot, white grub, grape colapsis and black cutworm (suppression). And Acceleron® offers excellent control of soil and seed borne diseases, including Fusarium, Rhizoctonia and Pythium.

Poncho® VOTiVO® Logo image
Enhanced Secondary Pest Control Plus Protection Against Nematodes. All Wensman corn products can be enhanced with an optional treatment of Acceleron® with Poncho®/VOTiVO®. This treatment option increases the rate of Poncho® to 500 and includes VOTiVO® for an additional mode of action for nematode management and better protection against early-season pests.

Corn Package Options

A unit of Wensman corn has approximately 80,000 kernels. The Wensman MaxPak is a hardside box containing either 40 units or 50 units, depending on grade size. The MaxPak hardside box is popular for a number of reasons:

  • Efficient - Saves Time and Labor
  • Safe for Operators
  • Integral Pallet
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Total Flow Control
  • Rodent Proof
  • Reusable / Recyclable
  • Unaffected by Moisture
  • Boxes are Stackable

Corn can also be ordered in the traditional one unit (80k) paper bag.

Wensman corn packaging options image

Additional Information

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