Wensman is your Corn and Soybean YIELD LEADER

Wensman is a proven leader, providing you with high germ seed with the best choices in genetics and traits. Trust Wensman to deliver success and a high return on investment for your farm. You can rely on Wensman!
"I’ve been working with Wensman since 1998. They are definitely the very best company to be affiliated with. From the Brand Manager to the Sales Team to the Customer Service Representatives, everyone is personable, friendly and easy to work with. Their seed quality is second to none which leads to Great Yields!"
Chris Olson
Bradley, SD
"We’ve grown Wensman for 13 years. Their soybeans have always performed well in our high pH conditions and Wensman corn has excellent standability with consistently good yields year after year. Wensman has done a good job getting us the seed we need for our customers while other companies always seem to make major substitutions. Wensman products are very easy to recommend to our growers."
HF Seeds
Dave Nelson, Tim Huisman and Jim Huisman

"Seed Technology for Your Success!"